and training

We will provide a set of operations on software implementation, including description
preparation of the terms of use and users’ training to work with a new software product.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Installation and configuration of infrastructure and implemented software on a turn-key basis;
  • Transfer of expertise to your technical specialists for further support of the implemented software;
  • Business users will start working with the embedded software;
  • A deep understanding of all the capabilities of the software will ensure its effective use by the business users;
  • Risk reduction associated with wasting time on exploring the software.

BlitzBrain implementation and
training services include:

  • Installation and configuration of infrastructure andimplemented software;
  • Integration and adaptation to work with existing systems and platforms;
  • Uploading of the primary data into the installed software;
  • Examination of the entire system’s performance;
  • Demonstration and training of your specialists to work and maintain new software;
  • Monitoring of business users’ software usage;
  • Information and consulting support of your specialists during the pilot operation phase.