Analysis (BA)

Conduction of business analysis reduces software development costs and helps to meet customer expectations quicker by providing a high-quality report of business requirements for the development team.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Identification of business goals and expected results to avoid unnecessary work during automation / software implementation;
  • Requirements formalization and necessary documentation preparation to improve the efficiency of the subsequent software development;
  • Accuracy in the estimation of labor costs for software development;
  • Business process optimization to improve its efficiency;
  • Adaptation of IT solution functionality to the existing business processes.

BlitzBrain Business Analysis services include:

  • Identification, analysis, and documentation of requirements.

    If you already have a precise list of software requirements, our BAs can analyze them to offer technologies and solutions, that will meet your expectations. Our experts will find out how your system’s internal processes should work and how its components should interact with each other.
  • Analysis of the current and modeling of the future state of business processes.

    At this stage, our specialists delve into the business processes and study the specifics of your company in order to understand and find the best solutions for optimization and automation of the workflow.
  • Creation of static and dynamic prototypes of the user interface.

    At this stage, we develop the first prototype to test and have the customer approve the way the product will work or identify what finalizations are needed to improve it.
  • Consultations throughout the whole project.

    BlitzBrain Business Analysts consults Clients at every stage of the software development process: from gathering software requirements to its further implementation.
  • Demonstration of the implemented software and the training of the Client's employees.

    At this stage, the task of a Business Analyst is to show all the capabilities of new software and teach the Client's employees to use it at its maximum efficiency.
  • Preparation of detailed instructions.

    When a project is in its completion phase, our specialists provide Clients with specially prepared manuals that contain precise descriptions and instructions on how to use the product.