IT architecture (Web/ Portal solutions/ Integration)

BlitzBrain business analysts and system architects will help you develop or update your company's IT strategy and build a flexible and reliable architecture.
We solve problems, save time and money for the Customer

The success of any company depends on the introduction of state-of-the-art information technologies, the degree of their flexibility, as well as their compliance with business goals and objectives.

BlitzBrain, an outsourcing IT company, will help you develop or update your company’s IT strategy and build a flexible and reliable architecture.

Experts of BlitzBrain will carefully study all the requirements and pains of the client and use their knowledge and experience to develope a competitive solution that can save resources or make a profit.

All our experience in custom development has been incorporated into the laboratory IT architecture (web/portal solutions/integration), based on a wide technology stack.

IT-architecture-Web Portal-solutions Integration
IT architecture WebPortal solutions Integration
IT architecture WebPortal solutions Integration
Python 2.x, 3.xHTML5/ CSS3SASS/ LESSReactJS/ Vue.js/ Angular JSWebpack/ GruntDjangoTwisted/ Tomado/ Async IOCeleryMongoDB/ RedisRabbit MQDockerZabbixSentryJenkins CLPuppet

Development of IT system architecture provides a clear view of the following

  • Which information/data is of the highest value to your business and how this data is handled at the present moment;
  • Which applications will support your business;
  • Whether the interaction between the applications as well as their interaction with external systems of the company’s partners and suppliers will be effective;
  • Whether the technologies used meet the requirements of support for business processes;
  • Whether the level of information security of the systems is sufficient;
  • Whether the company’s representatives will be able to get access to the necessary information from any place on a timely basis;
  • Which criteria and standards shall be applied in the development and acquisition of system components;
  • Whether the technical infrastructure of your company is up to date (servers, networks, other hardware in the system) and how effectively it is utilized.

Why BlitzBrain?
IT architecture Web-Portal solutions-Integration

  • We form a project team for the Customer (taking into account his needs, the specifics of the business and the proposed option for technological implementation);
  • We select communication methods individually, so that it is convenient for the Customer;
  • We are flexible in the place of storage of the source code, focusing on the wishes of the Customer;
  • We are flexible in placing a test server;
  • We offer different financial models based on the capabilities of the Customer;
  • We can adjust to the terms of payments for the comfort of the Customer;
  • We are adventurers in a good way: we are ready to take on extremely difficult tasks, dive in, understand and guarantee a successful result;
  • We offer our Customers open-source software, saving the Customer’s money on additional license fees;
  • We have well-tuned competent processes, a well-equipped and well-coordinated team, a flexible and individual approach to each Customer.

BlitzBrain has an extensive experience in custom development of various fields and complexity, including the vendor portal system, connectors for the integration of stand-alone systems, the creation of a personal user account, the development of web applications, SaaS solutions, a system for confirming online payments, a business system for recruiting, websites, etc. Our Customers include banks, cloud providers, e-commerce representatives, startups, etc.

IT architecture Web-Portal solutions-Integration