Business process automation ERP/CRM (Odoo)

We develop and deploy cutting-edge open source ERP/CRM solutions.
Our experience enables us to create a customized modular solution for managing
production, sales, purchases, logistics, accounting, projects, marketing and much more.
A contemporary business requires prompt decision-making and elimination of human errors. Market players also need to factor in the rapidly changing market environment and multitasking in asset management.
CRM and ERP systems raise invoices, accept orders and manage logistics and inventories, monitor processes, generate analytical reports and a lot more. These processes require no direct human involvement.
To become successful in this situation, it is important to free up human resourcesin order to focus on core business processes and delegate routine work to specialized services. Comprehensive automation of business processes is the right solution to address this challenge.
BlitzBrain implements and integrates open-source Odoo platform-based CRM/ERP systems into the existing IT landscape. Odoo solutions help automate processes, thereby enabling the collection and systematization of disembodied data, which makes business management as transparent and efficient as possible, while increasing productivity.
What is automation? Which processes can be automated?
Business automation is the transfer of disconnected and/or routine operations under the control of automated information systems.
The following business processes can be automated:
  • Core processes – sales, production, customer interaction. The aim is to increase sales and profitability of a company.
  • Supporting processes – accounting and warehousing, marketing, external communications. Integration of CRM/ERP systems is aimed at reducing the time spent on routine activities, rather than at increasing profits.


What challenges can automation deal with?
Implementation of automation IT solutions allows to:

  • Improve the quality of services.

    If you already have a precise list of software requirements, our BAs can analyze them to offer technologies and solutions, that will meet your expectations. Our experts will find out how your system’s internal processes should work and how its components should interact with each other.

  • Increase the efficiency of resources and labour, optimization of personnel costs.

    At this stage, our specialists delve into the business processes and study the specifics of your company in order to understand and find the best solutions for optimization and automation of the workflow.

  • Eliminate the impact of human factor on core business processes. At this stage, we develop the first prototype to test and have the customer approve the way the product will work or identify what finalizations are needed to improve it.

  • Develop an accounting and control system, which will enable you to receive prompt updates about the status of the enterprise for the required period and make managerial decisions on the basis of available data.

  • Enhance work efficiency.

    For example, automation solutions accelerate processing of various documents: business proposals, invoices for partners, templates of accounting documents. For example, the data, which is entered by an accountant, is automatically saved in the database, where taxes can be calculated and relevant reports can be generated.

  • Ensure a safe data storage.

    Information will only be handled by those specialists for whom it is intended. Ensuring data safety is crucial for any business!

Benefits of integrated business automation

  • Improved quality of a product or service.
  • Acceleration of data processing.
  • Reduced routine and mechanical processes handled by your company’s employees, which allows you to focus on tasks requiring the use of employee knowledge and experience.
  • Storage and processing of bulk data within a single environment accessible by all concerned parties. Automation of manual work. Minimization of error probability.
  • Transparency of your company’s processes is ensured, which allows groups of people to better coordinate their efforts.
  • Organization of precise processes within your company makes it possible for you to control their execution and perform analysis for their eventual improvement (process time and cost reduction).
  • Collection of company financial performance indicators enables company owners to make effective decisions.

Business process automation ERP Technologies
OdooDockerZabbixSentryJenkins CLPuppet

Key automation areas

Automation is implemented based on the process approach, meaning that all of your company’s activities are viewed as a set of business processes, which are related to its mission, goals and objectives.

Unlike the structural method, this approach allows to focus on real processes that result in the manufacturing of a product or rendering of a service, rather than on the divisions of your company. Furthermore, it makes your company more flexible and more easily adaptable to the changing environment.

As part of an automation project, BlitzBrain specialists study every business process (technologies, instructions, resources, participants, results). It is very important to distinguish each process, describe it in detail and classify it (whether it is an auxiliary or main process). It helps to get a complete picture of company organization, identify its strengths and weaknesses, relationships between divisions, and improve them. Once all processes have been identified and described, they can be combined in several areas, where automation is implemented:

Management level:
Business process automation ERP Management level
  • Strategic management;
  • Budget coordination;
  • Information and economic security;
  • Legal support.

Business process automation ERP Management level

At the production level, the following processes come to the fore:
  • Management of material supplies, equipment, inventories, and production;
  • Predictive production analysis;
  • Information and economic security;
  • Logistics.

In marketing and sales, the key components include:
  • Advertising and sales management;
  • Customer relationship management (CRM), public relations (PR);
  • Customer engagement management, feedback.

In finance, the main processes are:

  • Bookkeeping, tax accounting;
  • Salary calculation;
  • Financial planning.
Business process automation ERP In finance, the main processes are

Quality management implies quality control with respect to goods and services, claims handling, while personnel management envisages recruitment, training, and motivation.

Our specialists choose and tailor the most appropriate approach for each individual project, because the number and the types of business processes in organizations focusing on different business areas can vary significantly.

Business process automation ERP Implementation cost
Implementation cost
Business process automation ERP Implementation cost

It is difficult to give an exact figure, because automation costs depend on:

  • Tasks to be solved;
  • Type of software (customizable, generic);
  • Resources required for implementation.

Indirect costs are also taken into account – for example, the time spent by project supervisor on project implementation.

BlitzBrain – our advantages

BlitzBrain provides a complete cycle of services – from analysis of the current status, strategy development to implementation, technical support for a solution, and user training.
Our systems are successfully operated in major companies working in various market segments: e-commerce, banking, manufacturing, logistics, customs, etc.