Big Data/Data warehouse (DWH)
and business intelligence (BI)

BlitzBrain helps transform large bulks of data into decision-making tools. We offer a
complete range of Big Data services: consulting, development, deployment, support and
guided analysis.
Make your data work for you!

Data visualization and systematization tools have recently become readily available and convenient, so their use should be maximized for making competent managerial decisions. Once the extracted data is properly structured, you can reveal unobvious relationships between isolated facts, as well as regular patterns and trends. They can become new points of growth or turn into solutions to problems. This is what Business Intelligence (BI) is about.

In its Big Data (BI/DWH) laboratory, BlitzBrain helps customers put together disembodied data into a single, profitable system.

BlitzBrain Big Data solution development services:

  • Advice on Big Data processing and analysis;
  • Integration of any level of Big Data solutions into on-going software development projects;
  • Deep data analysis;
  • Effective reporting based on systems currently in place.


OracleMS SQL ServerPostgreSQL
GreenplumPentaho KettleTableau
Apache AirflowMondrian OLAPBIRT (reporting)

Your benefits from implementing Big Data
Your benefits from implementing Big Data:
Your benefits from implementing Big Data
  • Unified data storage intelligence system;
  • Expanded, comprehensive business analysis;
  • Detailed analysis based on historical data;
  • Fusion of data from various sources and in-depth analysis;
  • Analysis of data from various sources, effective comparison and detection of unobvious relationships;
  • Accuracy of acquired data, exclusion of the human factor in data extraction and processing;