Automation of business processes
in production MES/PLM. Industry 4.0

We develop and deploy cutting-edge open source ERP/CRM solutions.
Our experience enables us to create a customized modular solution for managing
production, sales, purchases, logistics, accounting, projects, marketing and much more.

Industry 4.0 has no universally accepted definition, but this term is commonly understood as the use of cutting-edge technologies in production and minimizing human involvement in the process. Industry 4.0 promotes the concept of so-called Smart Enterprise.

This enterprise uses a modular structure, where cyberphysical systems control physical processes by creating a virtual copy of the real world and make decentralized decisions.

These systems can also be united into a single network, interact in real time, self-customize and self-learn.

The transition of production to Industry 4.0 is referred to as digital transformation.

Industry 4.0 utilizes the following:
Automation of business processes in production MES

  • Machine learning (ML);
  • Big Data;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • Internet of Things (IoT).
Automation of business processes in production MES

Automation of business processes in production MES
Automation of business processes in production MES
Siemens PLM software: Teamcenter Siemens MOM software: Opcenter

BlitzBrain provides the following services as a part of this laboratory:

  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) system implementation
    Digitalization starts at the design phase and ends with the release of a product. The world moves towards end-to-end design systems – from an idea to virtual product creation, so you don’t have to carry drawings all around factory floors.
    The following step is the introduction of a digital factory, where paper documents become redundant. Next, the implementation of any hardware component is preceded by virtual simulation– from processing operations to strength and aerodynamic calculations.
  • Implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES)
    We offer services in deploying SIEMENS MES systems: OpCenter ExDs/ExFn. BlitzBrain has experience in implementing MES systems at industrial enterprises.
  • Implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
    Experienced specialists at BlitzBrain are ready to develop a customized Odoo ERP solution for your company. Odoo is a Belgian open-source ERP system.