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We are hiring


Enterprise solution for human resources management, Canada, Vancouver time zone. Methodology: Scrum (2 weeks). technologies: TypeScript/JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Gherkin; Gatling + Scala (load testing); Azure DevOps.

Required experience:

  • 3+ years Automation QA;
  • 2+ real projects.

Expected professional and personal qualities:

  • independence;
  • desire to mentor;
  • ability to solve non-standard tasks.


  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • CSharp

Functional duties:

  • web automation testing;
  • API automation testing;
  • load testing (rarely).

Tasks to be solved:

  • creation of new automated tests;
  • support of existing automated tests;
  • improvement of automation framework;
  • bug report creation;
  • pull request review process;
  • meetings with QA and AQA team.