Building a cloud engine using advanced NLP and machine learning technologies

Case study: IT-Services


Our American client offers a unique solution based on artificial intelligence that helps automate services and increase the productivity of technical specialists in other companies.
They use advanced technologies to extract meaningful data and analyze it to provide companies with decision-making information. Additionally, the client has created a community where users can ask questions and receive answers from other experts.
The client's business goal was to create a web application that can continuously learn based on content and provide information to solve corporate problems without human involvement.
Our team was invited to set up the algorithm of processing and transforming responses into automatically functioning mechanisms.


What makes this product unique is that it provides teams with actionable insights on how to improve business performance and delivers personalized responses tailored to the company's specific areas of interest. This solution is available to other companies by subscription.
As part of the project, we optimized complex scenarios and removed unnecessary requests, while approaching the tasks creatively so that the content is relevant and meets ethical standards. Additionally, we ensured the integration of the analytical system with corporate messengers such as Slack and the local CRM system, which made it possible to control the quality of the results.
The service helps reduce decision-making time by generating answers and providing recommendations to prevent various incidents. We've also added a new feature that allows moderators to receive notifications of unanswered questions, greatly improving their work efficiency. The ability to configure intelligent notifications for publication in Slack or create Zapier integrations with other tools allows for quick identification of product issues and finding answers to relevant questions.


Python FastAPI React Next.js

The final results

  • The client has received an advanced analytical service — a patented cloud mechanism that utilizes cutting-edge NLP and machine learning technologies to provide personalized responses that align with the goals and interests of users.
  • They have launched the first version of the analytics product targeting our initial set of customers. Subsequently, the self-serve version was launched for the broader market with our help.
  • The system easily integrates with corporate messengers and local CRM systems, not having any domain restrictions.
Project implementation period: over a year. Distance and time difference were not an obstacle, as our team provided timely reports on the progress of the work twice a week.